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svn revert

Reverting a revision from subversion turned out to be pretty easy. So the use case is when you made some breaking changes say in rev. 1160 and you need to revert only that particular revision.

Tags: revert, subversion, and svn

Setting up git for Error 403 Forbidden

$ git push origin master
error: The requested URL returned error: 403 Forbidden while accessing
Tags: error, forbidden, and git

Capturing screenshots of websites from terminal

pageres is a handy tool for capturing screenshots of your websites, or capturing a screenshot of any website. The cool thing is, that you can capture your site running under localhost, like

jim-y@linuxws:~/projects/hybrid/phonegap/cordova.rainyday$ pageres http://localhost:8080/android/www/#/ 1366x768

✔ Generated 1 screenshot from 1 url and 1 resolution

pageres generated a file named localhost!8080!android!www!#-1366x768.png under the current directory. Neat! :)

Tags: linux, screenshot, and terminal

Easy blogging with jekyll and github

In this post I will show you an easy way to express your thoughts via the static site and blog motor Jekyll. We will host our blog on github pages for free! To set up a starter skeleton project only takes a few minutes.


rpi morse synthesizer

A morse synthesizer for RaspberryPi written in node via JohnnyFive.

Tags: javascript, linux, and raspberry