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Hi, my name is Attila Kling (Jim-Y) and you are reading my personal technical blog. Its awesome so keep on reading ^^

I am

I like

  • JavaScript
  • Java
  • Dart
  • sports (bb @gym, crossfit, basketball)
  • movies
  • grill parties
  • being at Balaton all summer :P

You can find me on GitHub, on Twitter, on LinkedIn, and on Reddit.

About the blog

In this blog, you will read about small everyday tips&tricks, technical articles, tests, etc. When i started to use Linux i had to make some changes on the system to make it more comfortable. In the early days i did not write the solution down, but that was a mistake. The next time, when i faced with the exact same problem, i didn't remember to the solution. So i started to write these little things down, to make them reusable, and possibly these snippets of codes/settings/thoughts will be helpful for other beginners.

Thanks for reading, and enjoy your time!