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Toggle Whitespace in Sublime Text 2

A simple way to create a shortcut for toggling show_white_spaces in Sublime Text 2. Credits facelessuser

Tags: sublime and whitespace

Colored `cat`

The post is based on Paul Irish's video -> Paul Irish on Web Application Development Workflow Ever wanted a nice colored output of the cat command in the terminal? Here it is how you can fulfill your 'dream' :)

Pygmentize cat

Install pygments

$ sudo apt-get install python-pygments

Set an alias in .bashrc

alias c="pygmentize -g"

Use it

$ c users.json



Tags: cat, pygments, and terminal

Simple HTTP WebServer via Python

During your learn, it could happen that you will need a webserver to serve files from your hard-drive. Like in this case react tutorial. In such case python has a one-liner to help you out.

python -m SimpleHTTPServer

Trigger this command in your project's root directory and then point your browser to localhost:8000.

Tags: http, python, and server

List only the directories in bash

When you are only interested in the subdirectories of the current directory type

$ ls -ld */
Tags: bash, directory, list, and ls

Creating your first browser/server module - PART 1

In this blog post i will guide you trough of the first few steps of creating a new JavaScript module, either aiming for the browser -as a client library-, or targeting the server -as a nodejs module-. In this example, we will create a new project from the ground (this process is called scaffolding, you should check yeoman after this tutorial) we will create the requisite project structure, and we will be creating the basics of such a module. We will call our project Sam (from *Sam*ple, noob, i know :D)

Tags: bower, browserify, grunt, jshint, node, npm, and requirejs